Summer of ScienceGLOWS- Growing, Learning Opportunities With Science- is the youth education branch of the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology.

With a goal of inspiring and supporting youth interest in science and technology, we offer and support projects ranging from robotics circuit training and competition to summer science camps to the West Kootenay Regional Science Fair. GLOWS allows KAST to share its passion for science and technology with children and youth in our region and to build a love of science and technology into the foundations of our communities.

GLOWS partners with many educators, scientists, municipal organizations and community members to bring high quality science- and technology-related events and activities to our youth. Students love the activities and events, and parents love that their children are receiving hands-on, creative and engaging opportunities to advance their knowledge of science and technology. What’s more is that we are helping to build a future generation of scientists, engineers, educators and innovators who are personally invested in the Kootenays and who are most likely to share their talents and resources in the Kootenay Boundary area, contributing to our region’s economic success and viability.

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